Clearwater Family Law Attorney Provides Legal Guidance When Alimony or Child Support Orders Need Modification

You may have the right to request modification of existing court orders

Circumstances often change after the court issues a final judgment of divorce. You may have the right to seek modifications to those orders when the need arises. Under Florida law, the court may have the ability to modify the terms of existing child support, spousal support and time-sharing orders. At the law office of Jennifer C. Harrington, P.A., we are committed to delivering the highest standard of legal representation and strenuously advocating for the rights of every client. If you decide to pursue a family law modification regarding spousal support (alimony), visitation (time-sharing), child support or child custody, a qualified Clearwater modification lawyer can safeguard your rights.

Modifying alimony

You and your former spouse may have the right to request a change to the existing court-ordered amount of alimony owed. However, you must demonstrate that a significant change in circumstances surrounding spousal support merits adjustment of the alimony amount up or down. A sudden or unexpected change in the financial circumstances of either party may warrant an alteration. Frequent reasons for modification include a significant change in income because of a promotion, new job or job loss.

Modifying a time-shared schedule

A time-sharing schedule or parenting plan may only be modified by showing a substantial and permanent change in circumstances and clear evidence that the modification request is in the best interests of the child. For instance, one spouse may attempt to show that the other has become unfit or has failed to comply with the orders. A new job, a new marriage or additional children may also contribute to the need for a revised time-share schedule.

Modifying a child custody order

Either spouse may seek to change the existing child custody order or parenting plan if significant circumstances arise that warrant a modification. If one parent does not honor the court-ordered visitation or custody plan, the other parent should consider a modification order. If either you or your child's other parent regularly violates custody or time-sharing orders, primary custody may be lost.

Modifying a child support order

Child support orders can be modified when a substantial change concerning the support of the child can be proven to the court. Factors such as a new sibling, major changes in employment or changes to the parenting plan can provide sufficient reason to modify child support. Modification must also be in the best interests of the child.

Get help from a Clearwater attorney who aggressively represents those seeking or fighting a modification order

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